Hosted Murder Mysteries for Friends, Families, Teams and Colleagues. offers hosted Murder Mystery events for groups from 6 to 20 people in Amsterdam. We offer multiple English themes, including Eighty in the Eighties and Chaos by the Campfire.

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery, also called a Whodunit; a thrilling event full of excitement, betrayal and fun! Will you see through the truth and lies to uncover the murderer?

Dress the Part

Two weeks before the event will take place, the participants receive their character descriptions. Using these, they can get to know their characters and dress the part.

Dinner Event

We highly recommend to hold this event during a minimum of a two-course meal.

Uncover the murderer

During the event, everyone is given their own clues. To uncover the murderer, you need to be strategic about how much information you're willing to share with the rest. Will you be able to figure out who the murderer is?


We're an Amsterdam-based, English speaking couple. Kirra is from Australia, Maurice is from The Netherlands. Inspired by the lack of events offered in English in Amsterdam, we decided to host and write our own Murder Mystery events. All of our Murder Mysteries are written by ourselves and every Murder Mystery is an unique combination of events and characters.

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